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West Coast Pie - Orig Venison Steak Pie


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Product of New Zealand

The West Coast Pie Company signature pie, made with original recipe that has become the base for all their pies since.

Marked with a stags head, it is a mainstay, and for as long as there is deer in the wild, this pie will be on our menu. It’s full of meat in a rich flavoursome stew, with fresh herbs, vegetables and a generous pour of red wine. Its reliably good.

Wild venison, carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, red wine, black vinegar, garlic, anchovy, lemon, herbs, spices, butter (cream, salt), flour., tapioca starch. *Contains gluten, fish and dairy products.

All Pies come Frozen. For best results heat in an oven at 160° -180° for 10-15 minutes. If heating from frozen, defrost fully at room temperature before heating. We don't recommend heating pies in a microwave, unless you like a soggy pie!