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About Us

Fresh fruit and vegetables hand picked for you each day to provide the best taste, quality and value - and available to you now online and in store with friendly staff that care about our produce and your experience.

Sometimes it isn't the shiniest or most perfect fruit that tastes the most delicious. We go for tasty and delicious produce that will last well and provide you value.

Who would feel like they had got a bargain if their cheap broccoli goes off in the fridge after a day? You tell us that you don't and that's why you love visiting us for your fruit and veges, because you get value, taste and quality that lasts.... oh and you appreciate the friendly staff too.

We are not afraid to be fussy - we work hard to get great quality and tasty produce for you. Why should you have to weed out the great produce from the average and the bad....we take care of that for you.

Come and see us in store or online.


In the News

Check out these awesome bits about us and the wonderful people we work with.

It always to pays to shop around and we are making sure that each day, you don't have to travel away from our awesome little city to get the best bang for your buck. We always aim to have the lowest price in Nelson city, but more importantly have the freshest and tastiest produce available to you.



Stuff - Cost of Living 29 June 2022


We are so proud to work with Kevin and Tracey to be the first store in NZ to stock their NZ grown and packaged Mushy Peas.

Stuff - Mushy peas 16 August 2022


We love to stock Locally made products, we had a blast with the team from Mad Melon in store in store giving away samples of their fantastic Watermelon, Pear or apple juice.

Stuff - Madness to Squeeze - Part 1

Stuff - Madness to Squeeze - Part 2


First and foremost we are a family business, focusing on our community

Stuff - General Evolution 9 February 2022


Pricing - We want to ensure we are great value to our customers, each week we compare our pricing with other business to make sure we are delivering value. This article from Stuff shows the Benge & Co price difference, and that independents can and are cheaper.

Stuff - Cost of Lemons 27 Feb 2022

Note the fantastic tip from Aaron Ballantyne, when produce is out of season.